This Too, Will Pass

This too, will pass.
It will pass in no time.
It will fade into memory lane.

Tis no use drowning in the shallow waters of momentary turmoil, lurking in the shadows and cold embrace of fear and uncertainty.

It is what it is—
a phase in life, an hour in time, a day in weeks, a year in decades. It will pass.




It’s quiet.
I can’t even hear myself.
What’s happening?
I’m I at the edge of oblivion?

It can’t be. I remember
Quite well what my name is.
Yet, why does this stillness seem
So disturbing and dark?

Perhaps, I just need to close my eyes
And see the light from within my heart.
And perhaps when I open them,
I’d see how beautiful the silence is.

La Joya.



“Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.”
Tell me what you think
When you’re genuinely in love.
Tell me what you think when you know
The value of things and not their prices.

Tell me what you think when you look
Into the eyes of another and behold
Your younger self. Tell me what you
Think, would life still be worth living
When you lose someone dearest to you.

Tell me what you think when you’ve
Learned to live life in this moment.
Tell me what you think when the
Pressure to acquire evaporates, and
Appreciation of all you have settles in.

Vanity upon vanity is a mindset—one
That has reached the end of itself.  And,
Someone once said, when we clear the
Decks of the transitory things we are
Pursuing, then and only then can we
Begin to grasp the [reality and
Simplicity of life.]

La Joya.

Musing; Looming.


The thrill would fade, they said.
It would pass in the blink of an eye;
The cloud of fantasy hovering over your
Head would fade like smoke when
Reality hits you.

This isn’t Zeeworld:
No amount of stalling, perpetual staring , Shrugging, and slow motion
Can utter the inevitable.
Allow me the flight of fancy, I insisted.
I’ll pass.

Not all dreams come through, I’m well
Aware, but that shouldn’t stop me from
Dreaming even for a minute, should it?
Not all the wholehearted love you give
Comes back to you in same measure,
But you can be rest assured…

It won’t come back void.
That life is full of uncertainties doesn’t
Mean certain things aren’t certain,
And that is what reality looks like.
Please allow me the flight of fancy,
I’ll pass.

La Joya.

Musing; Lost!

An old vintage leather case closed on ground with copy space

Wisdom to understand the choices
Before me and make the right decision.
Long have I been trapped in this cage.

My mind is a stranger.
It wanders in a lonely place.
Is this the crossroad?
I thought have been here before.

Is it time I think about?
I doubt it. It can’t be time; I have enough
Time–to waste and spend,  I think
There’s something far more…

Something more potent and eternal
That calls deep within me, taking sleep
Off my eyes and, striking a chord of
indescribable melody within.

I think I’m lost
And guess what?
I don’t want to be found—
At least not yet.

La Joya.