The Beauty Of Success

Success is elegant; It is attractive. And, like a blazing light, it sets a fire in the heart of those who behold it and create a deep desire within them.— Shazzy

Dear Ami,

Have you ever held a piece of genuine gold jewellery and thought about the process it went through for refinement to be as attractive as it is? My guess is, no! That is exactly what we mostly feel when we see those who are “successful”. We don’t see their struggles or the time they put into attaining that height. We are caught up in their present reality and nothing else. And, that’s a result of the elegance of success—a refined gold shining in its full glory.

As a result of our perception, even when those who by our standard have attained the height of success start to tell stories of their struggles, we tend not to believe them because we can’t conceive the thought of them going through the process they claim. Why? “They don’t look like what they’ve been through.”

In the end, we end up undermining our struggles and little wins because our eyes are fixed on the light shining from the other person’s success. So, be mindful, my dear. Do not despise your little wins or the potholes on your path to success. Keep at it and soon enough, you too, won’t look like what you’ve been through.

You’re always,


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