Dear Ami,

I’m claustrophobic. I always feel the wall closing in on me like a group of lionesses closing in on their prey; slowly covering the gap to box it in. So is my phobia—an ever-watchful eye. I could be in the open field with the soft breeze blowing through my face and still literally gasp for air at the thought of being trapped. Believe me, trapped is where I don’t want to be.
I know it may appear like I’m well acquainted with myself but believe me when I tell you; there are places in my shell I haven’t been. But, the good thing is I’m unravelling and trying to understand myself better every day, so I can better relate with the world and people around me. Why is this important, my dear? It’s because we humans project. It is a mental process by which we attribute to others what is in our minds. However, projection can be both negative or positive depending on the understanding ones self.

So, what are you projecting unto others? Where are the root of your misunderstanding with others and the world around you sprouting from? Write me.

Yours always,


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