Not As It Appears

Dear Ami,

I’ll go straight to the point: desperation blinds. It sways one away from the part of focus and reason. It induces depression which will often lead to a mental break down when the desired result aren’t forthcoming. It presents a mirage as reality; making every open door appear as a golden opportunity, but you and I know that not all that glitters isn’t gold, right? So what’s with the rush? You need to unwind, stop your pursuit of immediate success, your need to get hitched all because you’re counting numbers, your desire to be a person of influence and all the other things going on in your mind. You can’t outrun life and that’s the truth. It’s not a sci-fi movie where you immediately teleport or arrive at your desired future in an instant; life is a process and that process is the making of you.

Therefore, my dear, live one day at a time. Be diligent in your endeavours and be grateful for the little things working for you, with time they’ll be big. You can’t be the best version of yourself when the state of your mind is a stampede. So take a chill!
Yours always,
La Joya.