Dear Ami,

You’ve been concerned about me, why I’ve been acting up lately and keeping to myself.  Well, I needed a break from the craziness around me to maintain my sanity and my perception of life. From the mail you sent me, it seems you are in a similar situation as I was a few months ago and I’d like to share this with you.

It is true that giving is pure happiness and that kindness knows no shame, but what happens when you are shamed for being kind and defamed for giving? Like…you strive to do good, give your all to people, give your last meal to them without them knowing, and still have them badmouth you; labelling you wicked and inconsiderate! I was thrown into a depressed state where I felt bitter and hurt for being humane. The hurt was so excruciating that I came to a decision not to lend a hand nor stick my neck out for others anymore. But then I realised I would be losing myself and the thing I love most.

I realised giving isn’t just people asking and me giving, but it’s something that lifts me; something that whenever I do it, I feel extremely good even if I don’t have enough left—it feels fulfilling! It’s not just an act but an expression of my innermost self. Thus, I made up my mind that I won’t allow anyone to change me from who I am and neither should you, my dear.

Be good and live your life.

Yours always,
Tosan Orits.