You’ll Be Fine


Dear Ami,
Chill. You don’t get to have a good day every day. Some days come like a hurricane right from the set-off and other days like cold water to a weary soul. I understand we can sometimes be oblivious to this glaring reality staring us in the face until it hits us hard and ruptures our little bubble. What am I saying?

See, everybody wants to have a good day today, tomorrow and always, but forgetting or rather dismissing the fact that that’s not how life works. And I think this is the single reason why we get so downtrodden and frustrated when the bad days hit. I know it’s not as easy as said because I’ve had a lot of bad days and almost threw in the towel, but thank goodness for the friends in my circle. So, you’ll be fine, my friend. Bad days don’t last forever.
Yours always,
La Joya.