Break Loose


Dear Ami,
Chuckles. You never seize to amuse me. You seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place all at your discretion. “She goes through lovers as she goes through dresses,” you explicitly said about her. However, the fact that you still got involved with her having such knowledge about her is quite surprising. Why though? You didn’t suppose you were going to be her messiah, did you? My friend, first things first—you’re not a messiah. You don’t get involved with someone with the intent to change them into something they’re not.

Now you know how self-destructive living life on the other side of reality can be. It’s like handing one’s self to a jailer without having committed any crime. You walk around with a white cane all the while blindfolded with your cloak while holding fast to some form of mindless messiah syndrome.

It’s simple: if you want a ‘bad girl’, go for a ‘bad girl’. Don’t go for a ‘bad girl’ and try to make a ‘good girl’ out of her. Bottom line, my advice is you either call it a quit and save yourself or learn to accept her the way she is.

Yours always,
La Joya.

Keep Calm

Man Going toward success

Dear Ami,

Maktub(it is written), the success of your peers is not the highlight of your failure. It is myopic to think that way because even babies that share the same womb don’t hit the ground running at the same time. Human relationships are designed to be complimentary, not competitive. Thus, the success of your peers should be the light in your tunnel urging you forward and making you understand that if time happened to them and made things beautiful, it can also happen to you even much more than you expect.

No comparison.
No hating yourself.
No wishing them ill.
Simply draw strength.

Yours always,
La Joya.

Happy Women’s Day!


She’s beautiful for the way she thought, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about the things she loves.

She’s beautiful for her ability to make other people smile even when she was sad. No, she isn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks.

Her beauty is spotless; she doesn’t need something as temporal as “Classic Foundation” to conceal any spot. For her beauty springs from the inside out and blossom with each passing day. She’s beautiful deep down in her soul.

Her profile turns all heads up, commanding attention. Yet, she wouldn’t settle for shallow men who can’t see beyond their desire for her body. She’s intuitive and knows exactly what she wants. Her confidence leaves you without a doubt that there’s indeed more to her than meets the eye.

She’s an embodiment of grace. Find her and you’ve found a “good thing”. She’s completely complete in herself and doesn’t necessarily seek that from a man.

She’s strong. She’s powerful. She’s a woman. Shout out to all the beautiful women out there. Happy women’s day to y’all.

La Joya.



Dear Joya, she wrote…
I’m reaching. This probably might be the last letter I will write. Life’s been real tough. It has stretched me to my elastic limit. I can’t forge forward any longer. What do you expect me to do? What exactly?!😭 For every step I take towards advancing or bettering my life, I take ten(10) steps backwards(further than where I moved from). I’m a shadow of myself. I’m not the lady I use to be. I’m trapped in debt: like a noose around my neck, it’s shocking me to death. And while I can’t take any more of this torture, I call it a quit.

My friend, I know you’ve been cheering me on, but this time I’m done. I’m suicidal! It seems to be the only clear thought I can process over the past few weeks; weighing the easiest and less painful way to go about it. I know you’d probably tell me like the others that, “suicide is the cowardly way out,” and that I shouldn’t think about it.” I’m sorry but I see no other way.

Dear Ami,
First off, I don’t think suicide is the cowardly way out. Seriously, I don’t. I think it takes a lot of courage to arrive at that decision and attempt to follow up with it. You alone know how deep the depth of your frustration goes. Thus I can’t pretend I completely understand you. It would be wrong of me. However, your situation isn’t an impossible one. All you need is to channel a little courage to strategically face your challenges. Who knows, it might all be over in a matter of weeks. Remember, all that seems threatening in the dark becomes welcoming when we shine a light on them. Please, suicide isn’t the answer. We’d face the challenges together and triumph. Life is such a beautiful journey to experience my dear, don’t let the potholes on the way deny you the joy of the beauty that awaits you. You are loved. Please write to me.

Yours always,
La Joya.