Domino Effect

Falling dominoes on table.

Dear Ami,
In emergencies, people tend to panic(I know this is so true for me. In fact, I panic more when I don’t panic). Our mind spins furiously but only seems to play a never-ending series of scenarios about the domino effect of subsequent emergencies that will result from the current crisis. And because the brain is in a tailspin, it seems incapable of coming up with solutions to the current problem and only focuses on future potential problems.
The bottom line is that there is always a potential looming situation that will create an immediate need for emergency cash; to pay a bill, sort out a debt, put gas in the tank, or food on the table, pay for tuition, or whatever. And sometimes you just flat run out of money before you run out of days in the month(thus a broke ass nigga like I call it…lol). So while the storms of life are rigorously hammering on your boat, remember that after every storm there’s a rainbow.
Hang in there and avoid drowning in your thought. It will pass.

Yours always,
La Joya.