Be Responsible

Leadership Concepts

Dear Ami,
It was nice meeting with you after a very long time. Like …wow! You’ve done well for yourself against all odds. Who would’ve thought? And if there’s one thing I learnt from all you said is that many things that seem threatening in the dark become welcoming when we shine a light on them. We can blame others all we like for being where we are and still not moving forward, but the miracle happens when we start looking in the mirror.

I was gobsmacked when someone of age said to me “my dad is the reason I’m like this, and why I’m not working in an oil company.” I was short of words(but thank goodness we had that meeting and that our conversation went in this direction; I had a lot to say). There’s no denying the fact that parents have a role to play in the total well-being of a child, but it all still boils down to the child’s decision to take responsibility for his/her life. We can’t blame our way into a better future someone once said and that’s the truth.

We need to start taking responsibility than passing blames. We need to be responsible for our lives and stop trying to pass them over to someone else(it doesn’t help). No one will indeed come to save us. No one! Thank you, my friend. I look forward to our next meeting. My regards to your husband.
Yours always,
Tosan Orits.

Don’t Be Crafty


Dear Ami,
Be good at what you do best, you’ve been graced with it. Own your craft but don’t be crafty. Don’t step on people or run them down, do anything to their detriment only to see yourself at the top. It’s not worth it. Remember, no one has ever made it higher by bringing other people down.

Yours always,

La Joya.