Facing Reality


Dear Ami,
Maintaining peace doesn’t mean you deny that everything around you is falling apart, but that even in the midst of that which is collapsing, you are able to find a peaceful place within you. Knowing that everything happening is a sign of something greater, that everything happens because it is necessary for our paths.

Therefore, we should learn to accept all as it comes, knowing that in the end it works together for our good. In the end, we are a byproduct of all that which occurred—it shapes us into who we become.
Yours always,
Presh Mogola

Be Humane

Photo Taken In Aachen, Germany

Dear Ami,
I concur. It amazes me as well how quick it is for folks to judge others by their actions, while they conveniently justify themselves by their intentions. Really, it does! I just can’t help but think, what if we are gracious to others as we would ourselves, wouldn’t it be a good ground to start?

I suppose it would, because in life, what we know of others will always fade when contrasted with what we don’t know about them. It makes no sense to judge people by the little fraction we know about their story as against the whole. We shouldn’t be too quick to pass judgment.

Yours always,
La Joya.

Stumbling Block


Dear Ami,
Who would blame you for wearing a self protective armor when the world out there appears to be dog eat dog. Who would expect you to open up yourself like a flower and blossom when you’ve had your share of toxicity. There isn’t much one can do when the place of love is replaced with fear, trust with betrayal, joy with anger, and forgiveness with vengeance, than to find a safe haven within your shell.

But the sad truth is that, sometimes the protective wall you build around yourself to keep the ‘bad guys’ away, in turn stops you from developing authentic intimate relationship with the ‘good guys’. You just need to try again.

Yours always,
Tosan Orits.



It’s quiet.
I can’t even hear myself.
What’s happening?
I’m I at the edge of oblivion?

It can’t be. I remember
Quite well what my name is.
Yet, why does this stillness seem
So disturbing and dark?

Perhaps, I just need to close my eyes
And see the light from within my heart.
And perhaps when I open them,
I’d see how beautiful the silence is.

La Joya.



“Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.”
Tell me what you think
When you’re genuinely in love.
Tell me what you think when you know
The value of things and not their prices.

Tell me what you think when you look
Into the eyes of another and behold
Your younger self. Tell me what you
Think, would life still be worth living
When you lose someone dearest to you.

Tell me what you think when you’ve
Learned to live life in this moment.
Tell me what you think when the
Pressure to acquire evaporates, and
Appreciation of all you have settles in.

Vanity upon vanity is a mindset—one
That has reached the end of itself.  And,
Someone once said, when we clear the
Decks of the transitory things we are
Pursuing, then and only then can we
Begin to grasp the [reality and
Simplicity of life.]

La Joya.

Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.


Dear Ami,
Happy World Health Day!

One can’t begin to overemphasize the importance of health in the human life because when health fails, every other thing begins to fade too. A healthy life makes people live with high confidence and peace to work accurately and quickly. One has to keep all the activities to be accurate for making every work possible with many types of possible ideas, plans and all these can’t happen when our health is fading.

Health is wealth! Live healthy, my friend.

Yours always,